[Announcement] The 20th formal meeting of the first community committee

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2019-4-17 18:29


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The 20thformal meeting of the first community committee
Time:20:00-21:00 (GMT+8), April 8th, 2019
Absence: None.
Thecouncil reached consensus on the following issues:
Topic1: proposal for FOne deal mining (trial)
Purposeof the proposal:
Asan important part of the FToken ecosystem, FOne aims to establish acommunity-based trading platform with merchants as the core. Sustainable mininghas achieved good results in FCoin. We plan to further promote sustainablemining to FOne platform. The first step for FOne to introduce sustainablemining mechanism is to introduce transaction mining, aiming to further increasethe liquidity of FOne trading currency and improve the trading experience ofFOne users.
1.FOne trading mining is targeted at specific trading pairs in a specific zone,and only one currency is allowed to participate in trading mining in a specificzone. The purpose of this design is to encourage businesses to choosehigh-quality currencies and form a differentiated competitive landscape.
2.Each recommendation period (from the beginning to the end) is one week. Withinthe recommendation period, each FOne merchant has the right to recommend nomore than three high-quality currencies (except currencies for which FCoin isonline, which can be those already online in their own zone or those planned tobe online in their own zone) to participate in the transaction and mining.
3.After the end of each recommendation cycle, FOne platform will launch a votefor the top 10 currencies of FT holders, that is, the currencies involved in Trading as Mining.
4.If different merchants recommend the same currency, the merchant with the most[FT number of lock warehouse] will be selected. If there is more than onemerchant with the maximum number of [FT of lock warehouse], this recommendationwill be invalid and the merchant can recommend next time.
5.FOneplatform reserves 100,000-200,000 FT per day as mining reward for trading (inthe trial phase, the amount of FT mining return will be adjusted according tomarket conditions). The FOne platform will evaluate and allocate the amount ofFT refund for mining in each currency according to the selected currency.
Thestart time of the first recommendation cycle shall be subject to theannouncement of the FOne platform.
1.A specific trade pair in a specific sector that has successfully acquired atrade mining qualification will be preferred in the search.
2.According to the existing rules, once the currency of FOne goes online, FCoin(including the main board A, the main board B, and the innovative version), thefee collection method and mining rules of the currency will be implemented inaccordance with the principles of FCoin. The original fee collection method andmining rules of FOne will automatically become invalid.
3.FCoinonly offers a very small amount of head currencies, which will not compete withFOne merchants. Please rest assured.
Consensus resolution: adopted
Support: 唐律华、潜龙、周安、六翼天使资本贾继双、麻久熙、坤元、巴菲特、思旷、Frank、子陵;
Topic2: hope to increase the function of automatic transfer of financial proceedsinto financial accounts
Advantageone, simplify the operation, don't bother to operate N times every time;
Second,it can generate more outstanding compound annual income and increase theattractiveness of financial management.
Consensus resolution: veto
Against:思旷(does more harmthan good);
Secretariat of [size=17.3333px]FCoin Community Committee
April 8th, 2019